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Power Web is a leading company founded by Ever Nyberg, A wedding and event planning expert. With over three years of experience in the industry, Ever has built Ever's Wedding and Events website from scratch, learning invaluable lessons along the way. She also obtained certification as a website builder & designer. As partners with Wix platform, Power Web offers exceptional website services to help business owners build captivating online portfolios. We aim to empower business owners with powerful digital tools to succeed in today's competitive market. We envision a world where every business has an impressive online presence and strive towards achieving this vision one website at a time.

Ever standing in the office
Ever with laptop in the lobby

Some Fun Facts 

- Although I was born and raised in the Philippines, I have experienced life not only in Asia but also Europe and North America after living in England for a few years and now over a decade in the USA. 

- My baby girl is already 18 years old and she is getting ready to head off to college later this year. She is my life joy and I am so proud of her self-motivation. However, like most teenagers, she can challenge your patience at times too. Can you relate?

- I love traveling. I have visited over 20 countries and 4 continents and since each has their own unique attributes, it’s hard to pick a favorite! Do you have a dream destination?

- I currently live in Spokane, Washington, home to the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, Spokane Falls, the Bing Crosby Theater, Riverfront Park and Mt. Spokane. ⁃ As a website builder & designer and event planner it may seem odd that I am inherently shy. I’d rather not sing karaoke or dance in the spot light, but I do love spending time with my dear friends where we laugh and celebrate life together.

-Together with my family, I've been fortunate to have had some incredible, once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences. I had the opportunity to witness Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding in Windsor, England. I’ve experienced the thrill of skiing for the first time in Austria and marveled at the sunset on the island of Crete. I’ve Indulged in fondue while in Switzerland, and savored mulled wine at the Christmas market in Denmark. Memories for life!

- I thrive on dreaming big! The joy of crafting new designs, planning, and bringing ideas to life, fuels my passion as a theme developer and designer. Together let’s make your vision come to life!

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